1. Mixed Starters (Min. 2 people)

£8.95 P/P

Duck Spring Roll, Chicken Satay, Kra Bung Talay, Goong Chup Pang Tord, Sweet Corn Cake, served with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Peanut Sauce, Hoi- Sin Sauce.

2. Mixed Vegetable Platter (V) (Min. 2 people)

£7.95 P/P

Vegetable Spring Roll, Deep Fried Tofu, Pak-Tord , Sweet Corn Cake.

3. Prawn Crackers


4. Pau Pia Ped


Roasted duck and vegetables wrapped in a crispy spring roll.

5. Satay Gai


Chargrilled chicken satay served with peanut sauce.

6. Ga Buang Ta-lay


Minced prawn and chicken in a crispy pancake.

7. Goong Chup Pang Tord


Prawn tempura served with Thai plum sauce.

8. See Krong Moo


Tender pork spare ribs in a delicious honey and seasoning sauce.

9. Tord Man Pla


Thai fish cakes served with spicy peanut sauce.

10. Pu Nim


Fried soft shelled crab, lightly battered, topped with garlic and coriander.

11. Pla-mhuk-tord


Crispy battered squid served with chilli sauce.

12. Peek Gai Tord (Currently Unavailable)


Deep fried chicken wings coated with crispy breadcrumbs,
served with a Thai Sweet chilli dipping sauce.

13. Pau Pia Tord (V)


Vegetable spring roll.

14. Pak Tord(V)


Vegetables, dipped in batter and deep fried tempura style.

15. Tord Man Khao Phod (V)


Deep fried sweetcorn cake served with plum sauce.


Mushroom - £6.50
Chicken - £6.95
Prawn - £7.95

16. Tom Yum 

Classic Thai spicy soup with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, chillies and coriander.

17. Tom Kha 

Thai coconut soup with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, chillies and coriander.


18. Som Tam (N) 


Spicy Thai papaya salad, with carrots, green beans, peanuts, tamarind, chilli, fish sauce, and fresh lime dressing.

19. Laab Gai/Moo 


Minced chicken/pork marinated with chilli, lime juice, spring onions and coriander.

20. Yam Ped Grob 


Crispy duck served with onion, spring onions, lemon juice, cucumber and fresh chilli.

21. Yam Neua Yang 


Spicy grilled steak served with onion, lemon juice, cucumber and chilli.


Vegetable - £10.95
Chicken - £11.95
Pork - £11.95
Beef - £12.95
Prawn - £13.95

22. Gaeng Keaw Wan (Thai Green Curry) 

Thai Green Curry in coconut milk, shrimp/veg paste, green beans, aubergine, peppers and bamboo shoots.

23. Gaeng Ped (Thai Red Curry) 

An aromatic blend of coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergines, green beans and basil leaves in a delicious Thai Red Curry sauce.

24. Gaeng Massaman 

A traditional dish slow cooked in coconut milk, tamarind and rich massaman curry paste, with potatoes, onions and peanuts.

25. Gaeng Pa (Jungle Curry) 

A clear curry, gently simmered with mixed vegetables, sweet basil in a hot & spicy Jungle Curry paste. A traditional curry from the forested areas of Northern Thailand.

26. Gaeng Lueng (Thai Yellow Curry)

A gently spiced, sweet and aromatic curry in coconut milk, with potato & onion in a delicious Thai Yellow Curry sauce.

27. Panang

rich Panang sauce with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, sweet peppers and chillies.

28. Gang Ped Yang


Thai style duck in coconut milk, with red and green peppers, pineapple, celery and tomatoes.

Stir-fried Dishes

Vegetable - £10.95
Chicken - £11.95
Pork - £11.95
Beef - £12.95
Prawn - £13.95

29. Pad Kra Pao

Thailand’s classic stir fry dish with fresh basil, onions, green beans, carrots & fresh chillies.

30. Pad Prew Wan

A stir fried dish with sweet and sour sauce, onions, carrots, tomatoes pineapple, red and green peppers.

31. Pad Ma-muang-himmaparn

A stir fried dish with cashew nuts, onions, red and green peppers.

32. Pad Prik Tai Dam

A stir fried dish with black pepper, onions, red and green peppers.

33. Pad Pak Ruam

Stir fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce.

34. Gratium Prik Thai

A stir fry of crushed black pepper, crispy garlic, and coriander.

Fish & Seafood

35. Pla Nueng Ma-noa


Aromatic steamed Sea bass fillet with ginger & spring onions. Served with a traditional lime, fresh chilli and garlic sauce.

36. Goong-Pao


Char grilled king prawns marinated in garlic, with a light spicy sauce.

37. Goong Ma-kham


King prawns delicately flavoured with tamarind sauce and dried shallots.

38. Pad Pong-ga-ree Talay


King prawns, mussels, and squid stir fried in red and green peppers, onions, celery and oyster sauce.

39. Talay Pad Cha 


Stir fried squid, mussels and prawn in aromatic spices.

40. Talay Pad Prik Pao


King prawns, mussels, and squid, stir fried with chilli,
red and green peppers, onion, and mushroom.

41. Choo Chee


Sea bass or prawn cooked in a mild coconut curry sauce and Thai spices.

42 Pla Samunprai


Deep fried sea bass cooked in mixed Thai herbs, chillis, cashew nuts, galangal, lemongrass, onion and celery.

Noodles & Rice

Vegetable - £10.95
Chicken - £11.95
Pork - £11.95
Beef - £12.95
Prawn - £13.95

43. Pad Thai


Stir fried Thai rice noodles, bean sprouts, spring onion and spices.

44. Pad See Ew

Stir fried noodles in dark soy sauce, egg, mixed vegetables.

45. Pad Kee-mao

“Drunken noodles” stir fried Udon noodles, onions, egg, mixed vegetables and basil.

46. Khobkhun Khao Pad

Special fried rice with your choice of meat, with onions, garlic, eggs, oyster and soy sauce.

47. Kao Pad Saparod


Fried rice with pork, chicken, prawn, pineapple, cashew nuts and raisins.


48. Pad Mee 


Plain egg noodles lightly flavoured with soy sauce.

49. Khao Suay 


Steamed fragrant Thai Jasmine rice.

50. Khao Pad Kai


Egg fried rice.

51. Khao Ga-ti 


Coconut rice.

52. Khao Neaw 


Sticky rice.

Allergy Advice: Before placing your order please inform a member of staff of any allergies or intolerances. Food prepared in our kitchen may contain or have come into contact with allergens. Items subject to availability.

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